4 Popular Gum Disease Myths

Despite its prevalence, gum disease is rarely given the attention it deserves. In fact, there’s much that is misunderstood when it comes to this condition. The result? According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP): There are now 65 million Americans affected by gum disease—surpassing diabetes in prevalence. One in every two adults age 30 […]

Reasons to Smile Over Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a highly popular, effective solution able to resolve a variety of smile issues.  What should you know about dental crowns? Commonly referred to as a cap, a crown is a dental restoration designed to protectively cover or encircle a tooth (or a new dental implant) and prevent it from further damage.  It […]

Dental Implants and The Team We Work With

One of the most rewarding dental procedures your Federal Way dentist, Dr. Josephine Lee, does is restoring dental implants. Dental Implants have become so streamline over the past 20+ years!  Dr. Lee loves that dental implants restore form and function.  She also loves that they maintain the bone! For dental implants, we work with a […]

A Second Chance

We all know people who have possibly fallen on hard times or are recovering from hard times.  We also all know the person who has spent their entire life putting the needs of their family first at the sacrifice of their own needs.  We also all know that person who may have a genetic condition […]

Does Your Smile Really Reveal the REAL You?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you? You’re at a family wedding and the photographer aims the lens at you.  Panic sets in.  You’re posing for a new professional headshot and you smile with a closed mouth, hoping it looks natural. You’re conversing with a new acquaintance and you suddenly feel self-conscious about […]

Continuing Education~~How it benefits you!

When you call a doctor’s or dentist’s office and hear the message that says the office is closed for the team to attend continuing education, what do your really think? Do you think it is just an excuse for the office to be closed?  Do you think, “They really aren’t taking classes, are they?”?  Well, […]